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Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is an American semiconductor company headquartered in Irvine, California, United States.


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Former Employee - Accounts Payable says

"Management will lie straight to your face. Was told repeatedly A/P team staying in Woburn. A year and a half later everybody is gone. Some laid off right on the spot including women who had been with the company for 40+ years. If you aren't high-up on the ladder they don't give a crap about you."

Current Employee - Process Engineer says

"Managers do not have metric tied to employee's satisfaction. In fact, there's no way of giving them feedback without escalating up. Some managers, including mine, are terrible but rely on good engineers to look good. The old engineers will stay because of the paycheck, the new engineers stay around 2-3 before finding better opportunities."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long hours, really low wages. Embarrassing trying to hire people that make more than their prospective managers. HR will respond that they are in line with industry but QC and BC pay way better. AIP will be changed if management thinks they might actually have to pay bonuses so don’t get your hopes up."

RF/EM Design says

"Managing is not organized. Many low-level managers (they are not in manager title exactly. They will be managers in several years.) hire people and then they are busy with their own design works, no managing. So, the problem is that the new employees technically have several managers they work with, which is very inefficient and stressful. The hiring manager often doesn't know what the employee is working on since the employee is working on something other managers ask for."

Current Employee - Lead Process Engineer says

"Poor pay, long hours, lots of buck-passing, little to no paid time off. To say the company is unsafe would be wrong, they don't care about safety. I think they spend more money paying off OSHA then they send on PPE."

Multiple Positions (Former Employee) says

"The job boasts about all the opportunities, but once you are hired you realize there is almost zero advancement and you end up taking on 2 or 3 different roles during their quarterly layoffs without increased compensation or any insentive. You are micromanaged to death by several department managers who show no leadership or communication skills. There is a reason there is a metaphorical revolving door in most departments here"

Fabrication technician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible supervisor on B2 shift.. supervisor has the worst people skills worst possible boss I've ever had. very lazy coworkers!!! The workers that do work hard never gets the recognition.Absolutely nothingAbsolutely everythingSkyworks facilities across the globe are held to the highest safety and health standards. We continually invest in, and maintain, state-of-the art equipment to ensure the organization and management of workspace and to improve efficiency, flow and processes. We are proud that our Newbury Park facility just achieved 156 days of no recordable events and 371 days without lost time. Further, with our pay-for-performance culture, we are able to provide employees with market competitive salaries and various recognition programs, helping to attract and retain the best talent."

Senior principal electrical engineering (Former Employee) says

"Their expectation is high and don't pay enough. Working 24/7 and still is not enough. Your work never is appreciated and always managers take advantage of you and get the promotions and biased and give the promotions to those who don't deserve it"

Fabrication Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company does not care for your health or your well being. They pride themselves on growth and integrity, but they only use their new hires. There is no such thing as growth with this company, they want to keep you level 1 tech the whole time you are there. They take advantage of hard work, the job requires repetitive work for 12 hours. Your body WILL take a toll... They abuse people’s bodies... in the sense that they just use you for your god given body for their companies annual income. DISGUSTING COMPANYNo prosHorrible managementSkyworks is a strong believer in career growth and development. In fact, we have many programs in place to assist employees with opportunities. These include educational assistance and reimbursement, career guidance, and a variety of other training initiatives. More specifically, Newbury Park has a great Fab Tech career path program. A Fab Tech can be promoted within the Fab Tech job family by meeting specific milestones, and also has the opportunity to be promoted into other job families such as equipment, process or test technician. Further, we have had several Fab Techs take advantage of the educational reimbursement program to become engineers.Finally, our compensation and benefits philosophy is based on providing comprehensive options and a work-life balance so that we can attract and retain the best talent with a mind toward the overall physical, mental and healthy well-being of our employees."

Wafer Fab Technician (Former Employee) says

"No room for advancement within this company. Long 12+hr shifts with constant goal deadlines asking to be met with very little no employee appreciation."


"Management is awful. Fab workers treated like zoo animals. When I first started, the company was great. It declined every year since then. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemies.Just about everything"

Senior Wafer Fab Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Unless you know how to suck up to the right people, good luck. You can work hard but it doesn't matter because those that run the show will only find a way to kick you out when they can. The supervisors and leads don't treat people fairly.Bonus offered.Everything else was not good."

Manufacturing Technician Lead 3 (Former Employee) says

"terrible atmosphere with long going issues not being taken care of. management and HR tended to take a blind eye to personnel issues. harassment from fellow employees was very common and not taken care of in a professional manner.decent pay/benefitsterrible management/HR"

Senior FA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"There are no enough negative words for the management here. No technical background, yet make all the decisions without any input from below. They are constantly slashing employee benefits to save costs."

Manufacturing Technician (Former Employee) says

"long hours, draconian rules set that no one follows but acts as if you will get in trouble if you dont. It was a good a job to save a little money working graveyard, but thats it."

Fabrication Technician (Former Employee) says

"I myself love the job. I love everyone there, we help each other no matter what. Basically the shift itself, we bond like a family. Every time anyone has trouble with something, there's always someone there to help. The only downfall is the management itself. They do not acknowledge how much effort the employees put in to reach their daily goals. They push and push and never see that we all work hard. The only thing that would come to their attention is when something goes wrong. No appreciation whatsoever not even a thank you. Very disrespectful at times, no one says anything because people have families to take care of."

Fabrication Technician (Former Employee) says

"The best thing about working here is the schedule. You work 12 hours during your shifts but you have 3-4 days off every other week. You also meet a lot of great people who make working there easier. However you will see the organization and communication problems when you start. Management are constantly breaking your back on multiple things that does not make sense. And when something does go wrong that it's out f your control, they seem to punish everyone. Promotions aren't worth the pay or the hassle. You get not only what you use to do but a whole list of new things you are constantly being pressured in doing. While you are hustling, you can see that the supervisors are just outside smoking for most of the shift. I didn't know that supervisors and up have unlimited smoke breaks. But they do know what you are doing at all times because the place is full of cameras. They see your every move and one supervisor dedicates his time by viewing or walking back and forth with clipboard in hand waiting to talk down to you while waving his power around. Don't waste your time unless you absolutely feel there is nothing else out there."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"pay is at the lowest end of the scale, no advancement opportunities. The company likes to hire managers from outside. Lots of turnover. I've never seen such a high percentage of engineers leave a company as have in the past year."

Shift Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"the Woburn facility is not managed well. they refuse to spend money on automation to reduce scrap. Lots of incompetent people in multiple positions of authoritynonepay is less than industry standard"

Lab Tech (Former Employee) says

"only work was important. only suckup's were promoted. no experience was required to be management. no employee appreciation, Christmas party location went from top hotel with superb buffet to local bar with finger food.nonepoor management"

Maintenance Engineer Electronic Equipment (Former Employee) says

"mal ambiente de trabajo... acoso laboral en todos los sentidos y favoritismoBuenas prestaciónesDirectivos y gerentes con favoritismos"

Almacenista Jr. (Current Employee) says

"Las evaluaciones anuales para los aumentos son ridículos de 2 a 5 pesos por año y para ganar una vacante en una posición mejor es casi imposible, en donde está su Lema de apoyarte si quieres superarte? Es pura Basura. Además de Nos Han quitado muchos beneficios como el bono anual de producción, el derecho a la posada navideña, bonos de turno nocturno, los sueldos están muy baratos .Los turnos de 3 y 4 días de descansoPrometen mucha la superación y cuando aplicas a una vacante nunca te apoyan"

Wafer Fab Operator (Former Employee) says

"Always work to do from start to end. Good co-workers that will help you when you need them. Learned a lot about wafers and the process needed to get it to the right requirements.Paid BreaksLong hours"

Fabrication Technician (Former Employee) says

"The co-workers are friendly but you need to watch your back; even when you go with the flow. Safety is overlooked at times. Engineering and management need to work better together."

Development Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They could not determine what the proper staffing levels were so layoffs were announced several times is a short period of time so no one really knew how safe their job was."